The Tarex® Difference

Yes, It Looks A Little Different

Zephrex-D softgels

Unlike other PSE decongestants, Zephrex-­D has a distinctive shape and slightly waxy texture. It contains the pharmacist-­trusted pseudoephedrine you’ve come to rely on, but its unique meth-­blocking technology makes it the only highly meth-­resistant PSE on the market today.

Yes, It Makes A Real Difference

Tarex Meth-Blocking

Zephrex-­D is the only nasal decongestant with patented Tarex®, which makes it virtually impossible to be converted into illegal methamphetamine using today’s known clandestine methods.

Which can mean:

Meth abuse is estimated to cost US taxpayers as much as $48.3 billion/year. These costs include, but are not limited to: law enforcement, uninsured burn victims, incarceration and rehabilitation of addicts, foster care for dependents, toxic waste cleanup and secondary meth crimes. More importantly, these costs are increasing, not diminishing.

Meth yeild per box of pseudoephedrine

Only Zephrex-D could not be converted into meth using the popular and dangerous one-pot method.

* One box is 30mg/pill x 24ct = 720 mg
** Based on Acura Pharmaceuticals Test Results published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
*** Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit Testing. November 2011

Stuffy nose? Sinus pressure?

Zephrex-D can help.

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