K9S4COPS: The U.S. has hundreds of K9 officers on duty without dogs. K9S4COPS are here to fill the gap.

National Institutes of Health: Stuffy nose & congestion health information

Clandestine Labs By State: A list, as reported by law enforcement agencies

What to Look For: Tips for recognizing meth, meth addiction and the signs of meth production

National Institute on Drug Abuse: General facts about meth and meth addiction

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration: Meth initiatives, busts, and arrests by the DEA; stats & maps of meth lab seizures since 1999.

Meth Trends in the US: White House Fact Sheet

National Institute on Drug Abuse: Resources if you or someone you know has a drug problem

Stuffy nose? Sinus pressure?

Zephrex-D can help.

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