Westport Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company located in St. Louis, Missouri. We’re founded on the principle that drug makers have a responsibility to develop products that help individuals stay healthy and communities stay safe.

Our focus is on developing the next generation of consumer drugs, making them just as effective as leading products but highly resistant to illegal tampering and abuse. We believe we’re not only responsible for how the medicines we produce are used, but we’re also accountable to limit their misuse. We like to think of ourselves as pioneering the era of “good pharma”.

Zephrex-D, is the only medicine that combines pseudoephedrine, pharmacist’s most trusted nasal decongestant ingredient with Tarex®, our patented, advanced meth-blocking technology. Tarex encrypts pseudoephedrine, protecting its chemical code and making it virtually impossible to hack by illegal meth producers – It totally prevents one pot-meth making and is over 98% effective in stopping meth production by any other process used by today’s meth cooks. While other companies have introduced pseudoephedrine products that make meth making a little more difficult, only Zephrex-D can claim to be totally effective in blocking the illegal conversion
into meth by the “one-pot” process, the preferred method used by over 90% of meth labs today.

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