Westport Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company located in St. Louis, Missouri.  Using an innovative, tamper-resistant technology, Westport delivers pharmaceuticals in a format that maintains patient efficacy while deterring misuse of a medication. This drug delivery system provides a new and unconventional approach to combat drug misuse.

Zephrex-D, a 30 mg pseudoephedrine pill, is Westport’s first commercially available product.  The tamper-resistant formulation locks this active ingredient chemically so that it cannot be used in commonly known methods of methamphetamine manufacture, but it maintains full efficacy providing necessary clinical benefits for patients.  Zephrex-D is now available at several national and local drug retailers throughout the United States.

Westport Pharmaceuticals continues to expand its availability of Zephrex-D over the next year.  Additionally, new, pseudoephedrine-based combination products are in development with plans to commercialize within the next year.

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