Unique Formulation

Illicit meth makers use various methods to convert the pseudoephedrine ingredient found in cold and sinus products into methamphetamine. The most common meth-making method today, and clearly the most volatile and dangerous, is the One Pot process, commonly known as “Shake and Bake.” Using this method, law enforcement officials have rigorously tested Zephrex-D and were repeatedly unsuccessful in their attempts to make meth with our product. Further testing by independent laboratories concluded that known illicit extraction/conversion methods are also practically ineffective. Only Zephrex-D stops the most common method of illegal meth production, and significantly inhibits all others. 

Zephrex-D is made using Tarex®, an  innovative, patented technology which significantly disrupts the meth-making process, while still providing tarexunsurpassed congestion relief for patients. Thanks to this tamper-resistant formulation, patients get the relief  they need in a highly meth-resistant formulation. The technology used in Zephrex-D has the potential to make our communities safer by protecting against the crimes and perils associated with meth making.

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Powerful congestion relief. Powerful crime protection.

Abuse of methamphetamine has reached epidemic proportions throughout America with a devastating impact on users, family members, children, innocent victims and the environment:

  • increased crime rates, including theft, larceny and robbery in homes and pharmacies
  • explosions and fires during meth-making process resulting in exposure to toxic fumes, chemical burn victims, and hospitalizations
  • toxic waste left behind at meth labs sites requiring expensive hazardous cleanup using taxpayer funding

Tarex® is a trademark of Highland Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

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