How it works

Safe and effective, the active ingredient in Zephrex-D is pseudoephedrine HCl, which delivers unsurpassed congestion relief for allergy, cold and sinus sufferers.

  • shrinks swollen nasal mucous membranes and reduces nasal congestion
  • powerful strength without drowsiness
  • safe to use in conjunction with analgesics, antihistamines, antibiotics, antitussives, or expectorants
  • tamper-resistant formulation makes both the extraction and conversion steps of methamphetamine (commonly referred to as meth) manufacture practically ineffective.  Subsequently, Zephrex-D is not a viable product for the illicit production of meth.

Zephrex-D is the only pseudoephedrine product on the market that offers powerful congestion relief and is highly meth resistant.

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