Frequently Asked Questions About Zephrex-D®

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+ QHow is Zephrex-D different from other pseudoephedrine products?


Traditional pseudoephedrine products provide unsurpassed congestion relief, but are often unfortunately and easily used for illicit meth making.  Zephrex-D is the only product on the market that offers the powerful congestion relief of pseudoephedrine and is highly meth resistant.

Zephrex-D cannot effectively be used to produce meth by any of today’s clandestine meth making processes.  Only Zephrex-D prevents meth making in the majority of today’s meth labs (one pot process) and significantly inhibits all other illicit meth making processes.
In comparative testing, Zephrex-D could not be converted into meth using the popular one pot process and less than 2%* could be converted in the traditional two-step process.
*Note: the 2% conversion from Zephrex-D is still locked in excipients which would inhibit attempts to smoke, inject or snort the substance.

+ QIs Zephrex-D 100% meth proof?


Independent lab and law enforcement testing demonstrated that Zephrex-D significantly disrupts meth production and is highly meth resistant.  Mimicking known clandestine meth-making processes, test results are as follows:

  • Using the highly popular and dangerous One Pot (direct conversion) method, law enforcement did not produce meth.  According to a recent GAO Report, small capacity meth labs that commonly use the One Pot method account for 87% of meth labs in the United States and cause the vast majority of meth-related challenges for communities.
  • In laboratory testing, traditional two step (extraction/conversion) manufacturing methods* converted less than one half of one percent (0.5%) of the pseudoephedrine into meth.
  • Again, in lab testing, when more advanced extraction/conversion methods* were applied to Zephrex-D, the yield was less than 2.0%

*Note:  the small amount of meth produced with extraction/conversion processes was still locked in excipients that could not be smoke, injected or snorted.

Meth was not made from Zephrex-D in the One Pot process, and the residual amounts produced from the two-step methods would not support a meth-making operation.  Zephrex-D can make today’s meth lab operations obsolete.

+ QDoes the meth-resistant formulation impact congestion relief?


The active ingredient, pseudoephedrine, is widely recognized as the most effective nasal decongestant delivered orally.  Zephrex-D meets all of the FDA’s OTC monograph requirements for products containing pseudoephedrine HCl.  Clinical testing in humans further demonstrates the bioavailability of Zephrex-D.

+ QWhat is Tarex®?


tarexTarex is an innovative, patented technology that delivers pharmaceuticals in a format which maintains patient efficacy while deterring misuse of the medication. When used in Zephrex-D, Tarex locks pseudoephedrine so that it cannot be readily used in illicit meth making but  still delivers effective congestion relief for legitimate cold and allergy sufferers. Various methods can be used to convert pseudoephedrine from cold and sinus products into methamphetamine.  Tarex makes all these methods obsolete.

+ QAre legitimate pseudoephedrine consumers impacted by methamphetamine abuse?


All Americans are impacted by the meth epidemic. Crime and third-party exposure to chemical fires and fumes is significant. In addition, methamphetamine abuse costs US taxpayers approximately $23.4 billion annually. These costs include, but are not limited to: law enforcement, uninsured burn victims, incarceration and rehabilitation of addicts, foster care for dependents, toxic waste cleanup and secondary meth crimes.  More importantly, these costs are increasing, not diminishing.

+ QWhy does the Zephrex-D pill have a different shape and texture?


Given the innovative and patented formulation, Zephrex-D pills are manufactured using highly specialized equipment.  They are intended to have a distinct shape and “waxy” texture and should be stored at room temperature.


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